Our Studio

Our Studio

We are happy to welcome you to Pureflo Yoga in Somerville, NJ. Our studio is located on Main Street in the heart of one of New Jersey’s most thriving suburban downtowns. This central location puts our diverse clientele within walking distance of dozens of restaurants, cafes, specialty shops and pedestrian walkways that exude an energy and vibe that fit perfectly with our disciplined methodology and purpose-driven philosophy.

Once inside, you will experience a safe and inspired environment that will empower you to deepen your physical practice as well as inspire your personal journey. We are here to guide you every step of the way and look forward to making Pureflo Yoga a centerpiece of your personal wellness.

Along with a daily offering of hot and warm yoga, yin and fusion classes, the lobby of our studio will be equipped with four Bowflex bikes. Our bikes will be free for our Pureplus and one year unlimited members. Come ride for 30, 45 or 60 minutes! Schedule coming soon.

Some of Our in-studio amenities

Studio Owner

Zachy Christodoulou is happy to be the first franchisee of PureFlo Yoga.
Her Somerville studio will be the only one of its kind in Somerset County and will cater to the diverse communities in the surrounding area. Zachy brings 15 years of yoga experience as a teacher and instructor along with decades of dedication to fitness and personal training.

As an accomplished athlete, triathlete, and mother of 3 she will bring a unique
skill set to her yoga students. She looks forward to, “sharing a love of
healthy and empowering life styles that combine the ancient concept of
a healthy mind and a healthy body”. For many years, she has helped a
wide range of clients improve their overall health through a customized
training regimen that includes external connections with nature and
awareness of the inner self. Zachy looks forward to bringing her love of
life and emphasis on a holistic balance to improve the life force of the
growing yoga community.

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