A photo of a Pureflo Yoga Somerville Community Class


Community Yoga Classes and the Culture of Friendship, Empowerment, and Acceptance. 

In an era of mask mandates and zoom calls, it’s more important than ever to be a part of a community. That’s why Pureflo Yoga was so excited to introduce a series of free community classes to Division Street right here in Somerville and even Belmar at the Jersey Shore. Serving the community and bringing yogis together has been our main objective since our grand opening and the beautiful summer weather has only inspired our vision even more. Through each of our community classes, we have seen yogis, whether it be their first-class or their 100th, come together in powerful yet calming practices. The importance of community stems from human nature – we are social beings who are driven to connect with others. Our Division Street and Belmar classes allow the community to do just that. We are proud to have overseen the rise of a culture of wellness and friendship in addition to the physical strength and mental empowerment that comes naturally with yoga.   

The pandemic has shown us how quickly the world can change, whether or not we’re ready or even think we’re ready. Getting through the past year and a half has required more resilience than most of us know and there’s no doubt that we’ve all been forced past the limits of change that we had previously set for ourselves. Our routines were disturbed and our lives were put on hold. We experienced a version of life we never could have imagined. Yet, somehow, we were all okay. We were strong and resilient. Our resilience, though, didn’t stem just from ourselves; it came from our communities. When it seemed like the world as we knew it was falling apart, we joined together with patience and understanding and did the only thing we could do to survive – we adapted. With the strength of community came novelty and innovation along with empathy and kindness. Even in the age of physical distancing, community prevailed.  

As life continues its gradual return to normal, it’s important that we carry with us the lessons of togetherness – to avoid falling into old habits of robotic self-centeredness and to take a moment to breathe and appreciate those around us. By being a part of a community, we can lift others up; and by lifting others up, we allow them to lift us in return. We encourage all to acknowledge the hardships of the pandemic by mourning loss while maintaining a positive mind by recognizing the power of comradery. Next time Pureflo hosts a community class, we ask that you spread the word to your friends and family and encourage them to join our culture of friendship, empowerment and acceptance.     

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